Australia's Transport

Welcome to Australia.

Australia like all countries in the world, have imported, manufactured a wide varity of vehicles that have been used to make up their transport systems.
With this project I am trying to show you, some of the many cars, trucks, buses, tractors, farm equipment, motor bike, push bikes and other mechanical types of transport used by Australians over the years and can still been seen on our roads, in the Museums or in peoples back yards today.
Not all will be the best examples, most will be the every day types.
Some history of the machines manufacture, make, model, the year of manufacture maybe supplied an if they arebeing used today.
I will do my best in protecting the owners, with blanking of number plates or the people in them.
Please make a selection from the left side and happy browsing.
The cameras that has been used are Kodak Digital 3200, Kodak Digital 7400, Fiji Finepix etc.

Please note "that most of the pictures will be about 120k bytes so they may take some time to be displayed on slow internet connections".
If you have any photos of something that is not shown please feel free to send me a photo and discription of what you have found. Email to Yowee

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