This is the world of

"Yowee the Loveable!"

Wonder Dog at Forest Poke 2000

Wonder dog after her bath
Wonder Dog
Front of the house
A nice cottage in a quite street, where wonder dog lives.
Looking from the back towards the house
Wonder dogs companion is doing a splendid job of cleaning up after Me.
Wonder Dog s human companion
Wonder Dog's human companion.
Paw Paw trees in back yard
Some of the Paw Paw trees, where Wonder Dog burries her treasures.
New side fence
Wonder Dog finds the new fence annoying because she can't find any Lizards to chase.

Wonder Dog at Forest Poke 2001

April 28th

Wonder Dog and Human companion
Wonder Dog sitting next to her human companion.
Wonder Dog home
Wonder Dog is sometime found catching the caterpillars on the leaves and stems of the plants at the front of the house.

Human companion has been busy laying bricks to make a boarder for the garden.

Wonder Dog moving through the Rain Forest that is being grown in the back yard

Wonder dog hiding in the rain forest. Can you spot me!

Wonder Dog chasing the lizards under the wire mesh.

Wonder dog 2nd June

Wonder dog chasing mice
Wonder Dog companion has been making ready to cement at the side of the house and Wondr Dog checking out the site for some mice.
Wonder dog new fence and the vines The garden in which wonder dog roams looking for lizards and mice More pot planets
Wonder Dogs companion has had some beautiful bloom from the pot plants
The new edging that Wonder Dog companion has had done around the  garden beds The back yard is filling in
The back yard is filling in with the Rain forrest and new trees appearing.

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