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"Yowee the Loveable!"

Redcliffe Rock Hounds

Lapidary Club Gem Show

Display area Display area
The Gem show in Scarborough May 4th and 5th.
Some of the worker in the food area Food area The Chefs working under the cover of the blue tarp
Some of the volunteers serving the the visitors to the show with sausages and hamburgers. I must say the burgess were great.
A display of faseting
Alan setting up his equipment to give the visitors and idea how to make beautiful Gems from rough stones.


fossils fossils fossils fossils fossils fossil fish fossil deer
Some of the beautiful fossils for sale at the show.


A vibrating stand where you leave your cut rocks to have the surfaces polished. Grinding  and polishing equipment
Some of the tools a rock hound uses in the preparation of the fine Gems and stones.


Cut stones Miniture trees More minitures diamond and saphire rings Display of workmanship by the Redcliffe club A beautiful piece of workmanship with the Emu eggs and stones Different clocks
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