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Hello Noel and Elizabeth, a couple of things I would like to bring to your attention.
The car has no real damage to the paint and has not faded.
Look like metalic Green. Interior has seat covers on the front seat which I ran my hand over and found nothing wrong.
The car is and automatic and the crearture features are all in good condition.
Floor matts X 4 are a purpose build rubber mat but the drivers side is worn and torn but I did find some water there. The car is very dusty and has been drive and the owner did tell me that he has all the paper work for the servicing.

You will notice that the front right disc pad is not working correctly.
The engine fluids are all done , found the oil low, the water overflow empty and when I took off the radiator cap there was no water near the top. Automatic fluid seemed to be OK, while the power steering has a weap near the resorvor (but not serious),the battery has some white powder on the strap and the water bottle for cleaning the screen has run out.
On the left hand door pillar is the build date of 93 I think.

The rear interior is well used with rubbish in the well and the spare looks like it has some tread, did not check to see if it was inflated.
The plastic floor rises when lowered on the spare. The jack handle looks new.
The bumper is damaged and I was told that they would repair it or give you the difference off which was $400.
Did not open the cargo cover.

The rear is a little ruff but does not show any repairs.
Underneath the car I could not see any oil leaks and everything is coated in dirt. The owner drives the car everyday from him property at brook field to the city so that would explains the high mileage.

Over all the car has been a one man car, used for his business duties. He and his wife had separate cars. The owner is now driving a new Subaru so it is going cheap as a commerical deal. He asked if the moneys could be split by the way.
From a distance the car looks good, could not see paint any overspray , dints and problem with the interior.
So But when I went for a test drive I took it up to 6000 rpm gears change well, no overheating and no knocking.
The CV seem to be in good shape and the rubber sox don't seem to have any breaks, but I think the left hand need changing as they are quite solid. The right CV has been changed.
Not sure about the fluids being low but no indication of overflow or discharge etc.
I am not a happy man about automatics but it felt good.
Exhaust pipe had a black end but you dont get a good idea any cue to the petrol and the pipe looked in good condition.
The front shocks may have been looked at recently in that they have new ish soxs over the shock inner shafts, not much in the line of springs (surprised)
One thing that worried me is the feeling that a gallon of water was splashing around in the dash. I feel their made be water inside the heater unit or AC but when asking the owner he said that he has asked this on servicing and they could not find any thing wrong. I feel it has a broked drain hole some where.

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