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"Yowee the Loveable!"

Grandmas' "Marina"

Life and times

Once upon a time there was " Marina Leyland".
Certainly known as one of the ugly ducklings of the horseless carriages world.
Marina was a born in 1973, two door super deluxe with crystal white exterior and brown interior, a solid 1750cc heart, four speed transmission , and with quite comfortable seats, but was always being mistaken as Marina older sister "Marina Morris".
Grandpa's "Marina" was well looked after, regularly serviced and Grandpa even took Marina to be rust proofed.
With the death of Grandpa, "Marina" was left all alone.
For many years Marina lived in a garage at Grandmas house.
Grandma did not want to see Marina go to the wolves so Grandma kept Marina safe, took her to church on Sundays and look upon Marina as a close companion.
This gave Grandma great joy as it reminded Grandma of Grandpa.
The years passed by, Marina moved from Gympie to the glittering Gold Coast to Grandmas new home.
Grandma took ill and passed away, the family could not take Marina in so they sought the sale of "Marina".
The family though Marina had a bad reputation, so they sold off "Marina" as quickly as possible to a young Prince.
The Prince thought Marina would make a great prize so he bought Marina for a fair price.
After taking Marina back to his palace he found Marina needed quite a lot of work.
For as you know Marina was only driven to church, to the shopping centre and race meetings etc but sat sitting in a garage for a long time.
He commissioned the work to be done by the local carriage shop.
Marina who had not been a local resident was obliged to be inspected by the Sheriff, who then pleased himself by issuing authorised papers to identify Marina and to have indentifing plates attached so as to brand Marina.

Rear of the Marina

The Prince's meagre income at this time, only allowed enough to be spent on Marina to get Marina back to her rightful place on the roads and byways.
The Prince was able to drive Marina for a little while but had trouble with Marina's health and the locals knights.
They threw abuse and scorn upon the the Prince for having Marina, so the Prince decided he needed to rid himself of Marina.
He pushed Marina aside and sought another flame.
Again Marina felt unloved. The Prince found that nobody wanted Marina, he advertised and sourced assistance from fellow owner of Marina's big brother "P" by advertising in their publication and on their web site.
It came about that a "P" owner talked about Marina at work.
A worker from a factory knew of some visitors needing transport.
The worker was advised that Marina may not be what the visitors wanted due to Marinas age and the areas they intended to go.
The price being right our visitors bought Marina.
The visitor drove up and down the east coast of "OZ".
They did very little maintenance to Marina other than slip slop and slap.
Marina started first time every time. On their arrival back in Brissy, they were going to leave Marina beside the road, and fly back to the home country.
The "P" owner who had introduced Marina was incensed that Marina was going to be left beside the road.
He asked the provisioner of the "P" family to buy Marina.
The provisioner declined due to not being able at that time to house Marina with digity, so the "P" owner purchased Marina.
Marina was picked up from the other side of Brissy at "The Gap" and taken to his home.
The "P" owner was in double trouble, his partner was not happy having Marina about, seeing that Big Red and Yobbie (Marina's brothers "P"s) were already in the stable.
He too was disappointed with Marina because the "P" owner was looking for Marinas younger sister "Leyland Marina".
Marinas new owner took time looking over Marina.
He found Marina was in good condition bodily but some serious repairs needed to be done before he was able to take Marina out.
The "P" owner was working on Marina when he was visited by his neighbours son, looking into buying a flame for himself.
Marina story was told to the Prince but because the "P" owner already had another buyer, this courting prince had to wait.
Getting Marina back to a healthier condition, allowed the "P" owner to introduced Marina to Marinas bigger brothers at a family fishing outing at Donnybrook.
A "Submarinera Minstrel" fell for Marina, took the opportunity to have Marina. The neighbours Prince was sadden by not being able to have Marina in his family.
The "P" owner was overwhelamed by the interest in Marina and now is happy to see Marina going to a wanting home.
Marina is now waiting ready to head off to the Sunshine Coast. T
he Minstrel iindicated he was going to be refurbished Marina.
Marina will be seen on the roads and byways in a couple of years.
Good luck "Marina" and have a happy life.

Front of the Marina
Marina really needs to be refurbished.
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