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March 2001

Completed device
Jim has been over the years been building a Telescope, and here it is!!!! Hurrah
Another angle
Jim has been collecting the parts from all over the place. The telescope has been built from scrap
View of the moon surface
Closer view of the moon surface.
Early pictures of the moon
Early pictures of the moon surfaces
Looking down the inside of the telescope
Looking down the inside of the telescope

September 2002

Daddyjim has been improving his telescope and here are more pictures

Looking down the inside of the telescope towards the mirror.

Daddyjim users three telescopes to see what he is trying to observe. The first screen is for a localized area then he fine tunes it with the second and finishes with the 8 inch telescope.

Notice the towels over the end of the telescope, necessary to keep the Pee Wees from flying into the mirror and marking it.

Relay board used to control the motors on the telescope

The footing for the final location of the telescope. Daddyjim intends build around the telescope to protect it from the elements.

Daddyjim had to build a lathe so as to cut the bead off the train wheel that he uses for the movement of the telescope

Visitors to Daddyjim place to inspect the telescope. Unfortunately we did not arrive the night before to study the heavens.
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